Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Crew gets introduced to silvervine

So from time to time I would see posts about kitties getting silvervine and I thought it would be fun to get some for The Crew.  I have several who are very into nip (Eli being the #1 fan) and since there are only so many furry mice I can buy them before even I feel silly, I went to eBay and got a sample pack of leaves, powder and a stick.  OK so I got two sample packs, but when you have seven cats, you want to make sure you get enough for everyone.  I was a little afraid after I placed my order that it would be a total waste, I guess I shouldn't have worried.

The Package..
I claim this for Fleurp!!
Smells... so... good...
Yeee haw!
this... is... totally... wicked...
Eli, give me yours... ~Muffin
Eli and Skippy enjoy some together
Skippy got a stick of Silver Vine
Me Likey
a lot
The kitty with the most leaves on them wins
I bet I can win, I have more surface area
Did I win
I'll count yours if you count mine..
No no, you'll cheat!  Will not.. Yes you will, I'm going to get that loose leaf
Fleurp gets the stick
I'm gonna get you little sticky!!
Cause I like litte stickies
get in my belly!! 
I so love you little stick.. (Jack is completely blissed out)
Be mine..
It was mine first ~Skippy
*sigh* we like
This was my thank you the next morning, their favorite toy in my shoe


  1. Even if you had not mentioned you got silvervine, I would have known just from what they were all doing! That is awesome stuff.

  2. Looks like they love it! My cats love it as well!!

  3. Those photos are terrific, too funny! They certainly had a great time. :-)

  4. LOL this is obviously the current drug of choice for felines!!!

  5. Fun pictures... Where do you get silver vine sticks? My cats asked me to find out ;-)

  6. Is that stuff the BOMB or what!?! My crew gets just as silly as yours. Did your cats dribble?

  7. I guess the consensus is in... silver vine is a hit!

  8. I got mine from here

    no dribbles that I noticed, because I have kitties that don't much appreciate it when I get too close to them when they are 'under the influence" I think they are afraid I'm going to take it away..

  9. What a long, strange trip it's been. Three cheers for Kitty Wheeeeeed!

  10. What a beautiful cat family you have! :)

  11. Wow, I think we need to look into getting some of this! I never thought about buying some on ebay. Love that photo of Fleurp claiming the bag and of blissed-out Jack. And that last photo made me LOL.


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