Monday, April 2, 2012

Now this is interesting..

I've always hoped that my little blog would bring me fame and fortune (OK that is a big fat lie, I so do not want any fame.. fortune would be nice.. some  extra feathered toys for the kittens, a donation of food, etc) and when Mr. Chewy contacted me I was thrilled..

but I just got a letter that makes me shake my head..

It is from Lori Smith at Hills.. inviting me to a Global Pet Nutrition Center in Topeka, Kansas.  Exciting.  Definitely caught my interest.. especially when they say they will underwrite the cost of transportation and logging..

But here is where it gets interesting.  It is from Hill's.  Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will probably know full well my feelings on that.. and Lori suggests I write to Stephanie if I have any questions, but the link to Stephanie's email address goes to a Rob.. Which screams spam.. the headers look legit.. coming from which owns Hills.. but why on earth would they want me enough to pay for flight and lodging

I don't know what to say.. (Lori, if you came back and are reading this, feel free to email me again, this time a little less form letter-ish)   Could be rather interesting, and a trip to Kansas - well it isn't Tahiti but it would be away from here for a while (will I be able to bring my kitties?? I'm sure Jack would LOVE to tour the plant!!)
Insert cookies here please


  1. Yuck! Hills! Run...RUN! Hmmm...could you accept the flight and the lodging and then not show? :P Sightseeing would be much more fun!

  2. ITA about Hills! Sadly, it is most likely spam.

  3. Probably an attempt to buy you off so you stop talking about good pet nutrition and or back their product. Anyone else feel like they need a shower?


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