Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I spend way too much time worrying about what is going wrong, and I don't stop and and focus on what is going right.  And since I have no new pictures lined up for posting (and stupid Blogger's "schedule" feature isn't working) I thought I'd take a few minutes and focus on the good.

Let me start off with,  I have to blog on.  It is easy, fairly intuitive and quick to set up.  I've complained about a wide variety of things (from not being able to host my blog any more when they got rid of FTP to the bugs on this new interface) but it is far superior to coding the website myself and updating it every day.  That and being on blogger makes it a little easier to network with the others on the catblogosphere.

I'm thankful that my foster kittens don't have URI.  They are happy and active and a lot of fun.  They have started to get very excited to see me now that Meira is gone, and they crawl up into my lap and purr.  They aren't the most people orientated kittens I've ever had, or even had recently, but it always makes me smile when kittens run up to me and sing.  We have had quite a bit of regular looking stool in the litter box lately, and I am thankful for that.  I opened up a can of food, and they are more then willing to accept canned food - which is great.  Now hopefully we can get them on canned food AND keep the regular looking stool in the litter box. *fingers crossed*

I posted about Eli yesterday, and I was very thankful for that.  This morning he was back on my husband's side of the bed (he gets up before me) asking for belly rubs.  I tried to get him to walk on me to no avail, but I got Eli belly and that is pretty awesome.  But what is amusing about all of this is that it is almost like we have another cat.  We used to have six cats asking for attention, now we have seven.. (well six and a half, Fleurp still isn't 100% and doesn't come into the bedroom as much now)

I'm thankful Fleurp is feeling better.  I worry about her constantly.  I panic when I think her gums aren't as pink as they could be, I stress over the fact that she is choosing to sleep in the middle of the great room and not in the bed.. but then I remember to focus on how sweet she and Muffin are together when they get it into their heads to create mischief like only those two can.  How adorable she is when she is sitting there hoping for something yummy to come to her and what an absolute joy she is.  I am thankful every day for her coming into my life.  As I am all the cats (but not so much Jack when he knocks things off the counter hoping they'll break open and that there is treats inside)

I'm also very thankful that Jack does seem to be more comfortable in his roll of Alpha (or at least Oldest).  When Ollie was with us, he was absolute ALPHA!  All the experts say the Alpha status is very fluid in a home with multiple cats, but Ollie ruled with an iron paw and a bit of compassion.  Jack totally stressed as Ollie was leaving and then after he died.  There was some spraying some major insecurities and it was just a rough time for him.  I think he finally realized he didn't have to be Ollie, and thing settled dramatically.

As much as I hate what I saw, I am thankful for the cheap black light I bought after Halloween last year.  There was spraying, there was a lingering faint odor, I knew I needed to deal with it, but I didn't want to.  When I saw the light on clearance I bought it, and it stuck in a drawer for months.  The other week I dug it out and took a peek at some of the hot spots and I was shocked.  I understand a lot more about what my kitties were dealing with.  I forgot that I used to foster just about all of the rooms we were having issues with.  I wish there was some way to get the urine to show up with out the black light because honestly the rooms look clean in the daytime.. and by the time it is dark enough to use the light to clean I'm so tired.  Inventors out there, invent a nontoxic spray that makes urine show up so I can clean it.. I would be so thankful for that.

I'm also thankful for my husband who takes care of the litter boxes for me.  I have allergies to dust, so cleaning the litter boxes usually means I'm reactive for the rest of the night.  Sometimes even doing the foster boxes is enough to set me off.  He is so adorable that he's building a room for the kitties and their boxes.. they are in the basement in the unfinished portion.  I've never really liked that, but with three children's wading pools as litter boxes, there aren't that many other places they will fit.  We are enclosing the area with the window and are going to try to make it a nicer area..   I so need to get pictures of it before construction starts.

And I'm thankful all of you stopped by today.  Seeing my traffic increase over the years is also something that makes me smile..

(and I'm thankful it is Thursday and the weekend will be here soon)


  1. Hi Connie - you are so awesome and I love your positive blog. It made me think I need an attitude tune-up, too! Thanks.

  2. Can I add that I'm thankful that Fisher and Staff thinks' I'm awesome?? :) Thank you for the smile!!

  3. Thank you for this post, Connie. I've had a stressful day and it's good to remember the positive things in life.

  4. That was a positively lovely post :)


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