Saturday, May 31, 2003

Eli and the ant

I've started giving Jack vitamin C again. It was quite hard figuring out how to make sure he got what I gave him, with Muffin and Eli and Em and Olie ... so what I started doing was putting the little dish of food in the box on the cat tower. No one can sneak up on him and push him out of the way, and he licks the dish so clean I can reuse it over and over.

I was cuddling with Em, and I noticed the fatty deposits had returned on her back. So I tried to feed her a full lecithin gel cap. She wasn't having any of that, so I squeezed it ou on some food. She apparently doesn't like the taste or smell of the lecithin, so she used her paw to get the food under the liquid, and used her paw to eat it, so I mixed it in. She ate most of it. While we were fending everyone else off, I saw an ant in the house. The hubby wounded it but we were still concerned with Em, so he left it there. I told Eli to get it, and with a little help to get him to spot it, he went after it. He attacked it with his paw. The ant attached itself to his paw, to which Eli shook his paw with disgust. Then he went after it again, pawed at it again, and again it attached itself... again he shook it off. He did that four times, then got it in his mouth.. to which he immediately spat it out... but he continued to go after it.. it was quite amusing.

the kittens are out in their room causing havoc. I'm frightened to go down there.

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