Monday, July 28, 2003

Lumps, bumps and scabs

Well, this is strange.. I went down to take care of the orphans, and Nanoo has peanut sized bumps at the base of her ears.. my first thought is lymph nodes, but I would think if they were, that the ones under her chin would be swollen too. Wasabi has two small scab-like marks on either side of her neck, under her ears.. but actually on her neck. I'm hoping very much that someone just got a little too rough with her, and that it's not ringworm. *crosses fingers that it's not ringworm*

The muppets are doing wonderfully. Did I mention that I'm thinking about renaming peanut to Pepe? (the prawn from the last muppet movie) It would fit into the muppet theme better.. and it really does fit him personality wise.. he is such an on the go kitty.. doesn't like to sit still for anything.. even when he's eating, he's going from dish to dish. We were cuddling the other day.. his version of cuddling which is to walk circles around my neck.. (I was lounging on the couch)

Although I really hate not being able to adopt any more kittens, I'm kinda glad.. cause I doubt I'd be able to give up Peanut. I pray that whoever adopts him keeps me in the loop about his health - for a while anyway..

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