Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Peanut is two pounds now!

well, my muppets are of size now.. but peanut is only 2lbs (OMG he's two freakin pounds!! I remember being excited about 2 oz!!), so he's got half a pound to go.. although the way they are eating, it will be fast.. too fast for me.. but alas, all great things must come to an end..

I'm hoping my idea of building a second entrance into a kitten room will fly with the shelter. It won't happen anytime soon, but hopefully, within a year, I could be back fostering.. I will need to sit down and talk to them about it.. I think I am going to talk to the boss vet about what happened as well. Unfortunately, it won't be for a bit, as he just lost his own cat to cancer.. She died on the table as they were about to explore a mass on her. She was 17 years old.... so he's been a bit grumpy - trying not to show his emotions.. It's strange.. but I really do "get him".. everyone else working there, except maybe J has complained about him at one time or another. And while his actions are often odd, and confusing if you don't understand, I just do to some extent. (should I be scared? lol)

Anyway having the kittens and a full-time job has been hard on me, and I am looking forward to not having to tend to them all the time, but boy am I going to miss this. Despite the time and the pain and agony of the illnesses and deaths, fostering has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I got to see Edgar again today.. He's gotten so big.. he's still purring up a storm. He still recognizes me too.. :) they do that for four or five months afterwards - at least in my experience.



the orphans are doing well.. up to 6 three ounce cans a day, plus half a bowl of dry food. Nanoo is still quite shy, but at least she isn't hissing at me when I go to pick her up.. she's going to need a home where the owners can give her LOTS of attention for a couple of weeks. Wasabi is still painfully thing, along with Friddle.. but they eat until their little bellys stick out.. its so cute. So hopefully with some time, and some Nutrical, they'll fill out. Wasabi weighed 1.5lbs the other day, and was up to 1.7ish.. so I'll probably have these guys longer than the muppets.. Im not bringing them back till at least the 9th, since that is the first saturday I can be there for the adoptions.. Charlie went back to the shelter, and it freaked her out.. I feel bad for her, but that's one more step closer to being adopted.. so I don't feel that bad. Sometimes ya got to do, what ya gotta do..

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