Tuesday, July 1, 2003

The Joy of Balls

The kittens have discovered the joy of balls. It's so cute. I tied a piece of string to one of them so I can move it around, and it is the BEST thing.. :) Miss Piggy also likes to play a rousing game of "give me five" if you put your hand out to her palm up, and wiggle your fingers, she'll slap your palm with her paw, many many times... its quite cute.

I clipped the kittens claws today. It went over about how I expected it too. Peanut hated sitting still. Fozzie wasn't too keen on me picking her up, but once I did was okay. I held her a bit yesterday and patted her, she almost fell asleep in my arms. :) yea.. they are getting uber cute and I like them.

I talked to the vet today about doing a tear duct flush on Eli. She said that it was probably scabbed over, and it wouldn't be much of a success. sigh. I've decided that I'm going to make a point of washing his face a couple of times a day and see what that does, cause last night I found a scratch on his face.. if the tears overflow badly, then it almost seems as if his eyelids swell a little. I was cleaning them with my finger, but I'm going to use a face cloth with warm water twice a day.. need it or not.. let's see how his face looks then. If it's still bad I'll bring him in. If perchance his tear ducts are just blocked, the longer I wait, the greater the chance that his natural defenses are going to turn it into scar tissue.. well that does seem logical.. to me..

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