Tuesday, July 15, 2003


I was down playing with the kittens last night, when I realized they had fleas.. yes.. the dreaded flea. oh how I hate them. I emailed the shelter asking them to send some supplies over, including something for the fleas, something for the mites, something for the coccidia, and something to deworm the muppets cause they hadn't been dewormed. Well, my message fell into a computer that wasn't going to be accessed till later in the day, so I had to run over to the shelter on my lunch break. I felt like I was shopping.. I left there with quite a bit of drugs.

I went to deworm the Muppets first.. they took it rather well I must say.. although the promise of food afterwards I'm sure had a lot to do with it. I know they aren't starving, cause there is always dry food left over, but if you listen to them, they'd tell you they suffer from hunger so. While they are still on the small side, they are getting so big.. :(

The orphans got a bit more done to them.. and I have to tell you it was NOT easy.. but it was way easier than I thought it was going to be. First, it was a cc of albon, then a cleaning of the ears - and MAN were they dirty.. despite being cleaned the other day. then the medicating of the ears, then a dunk in the bucket, a good scrubbing with flea shampoo.. then the sitting and waiting while the fleas either die or jump off and land on your face.. then the rinse.. oh how not fun is the rinse.. let me tell you! then the drying.. the picking off of fleas.. the searching for any that might be still alive.. took me almost two hours to do seven kittens. I do have to say though that despite the initial bad start, Nanoo took it really well. She is starting to remind me of my first kitty, Tigger.. he too was mostly feral, hated to be picked up in the beginning.. you could appease him by rubbing his chin.. *sigh* I miss that kitty.

I took Emerald to the vets today for a B/G curve.. (blood glucose). Sadly her glucose was quite high. We talked about increasing her insulin.. we talked about a different diet (which we are going to try) and we also talked about doing another curve at home before increasing her insulin since stress can cause high readings.. and she was totally stressed out all day. It was so funny once I got her home, though.. she went right to the food bowl and sat down.. as if to say, okay.. I had to go through all of that, now give me something good to eat.

which is EXACTLY what Muffin said to me yesterday after I took her out on a little ride to "Nana"'s house. I had to go fix something on my parent's computer, and I wanted to see how well Muffin traveled.. so I took her along. While I wouldn't say she travels badly, I wouldn't say she takes it all that well either. Not like Jack. He loves to travel.. mostly cause he likes to be with us I think.. but that's fine by me :D

I was thinking Muffin wouldn't forgive me very quickly for inflicting the trip on her, but within a few moments (okay well after dinner) she was her same ol self.. until this morning when I caught her up on the table she KNOWS she's not supposed to be on.. splayed out trying to take up as much room as possible. I yelled at her to get down, she refused.. I yelled again.. no reaction.. I actually had to walk up to her and boink her on the nose for her to move.. talk about your stubborn kitties.. Guess we won't be taking her out anytime soon.

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