Friday, July 11, 2003

Vet issues.

I brought in the seven today.. and wouldn't you know it they started pooping up a storm.. and they ate everything Dr. S gave them. *rolls eyes* now don't I look silly. but I can deal with that.. as long as they are fine.

Dr. Kim was surprised I was fostering because of the state of my own kitties (FIP titres* and Jack being Felv positive) . I told her I had talked it over with the shelter, and that I was being careful, and she didn't let it drop, mentioning stuff could be brought in on the clothes. Yes, Kim.. I KNOW that... I also know they are only positive for exposure, and could very well be perfectly fine, and they have been since we found out about it. both FIP and Felv impact the immune system, so I'm sure that she's worried about that.. but I can't live my life for what ifs... if I did that I would never ever do anything.. ever. I take precautions.. I visit with the kittens either at the beginning of my day so I immediately leave the house afterwards, or at the end of my day so afterwards I'm changing my clothes, washing my hands, and then playing with my kitties. I care very much about them, and will be absolutely lost if / when I lose them (cause chances are I will outlive them unless of course something happens to me first)


*mentally pictures water rolling off a duck's back*

anyway. I also brought in a stool sample from the first set.. someone has coccidia. I don't know who. I'm assuming Peanut, since he's the one who would be most susceptible to something like that. I'm going to try to spend some time with them tomorrow and see who has the runny stools.

why can't this every go smoothly? *sigh* after I get these guys adopted I think I'll take some time off and bleach the living daylights out of my house.. *wonders how long coccidia can live outside of a host*

oooh.. lookie here a nice picture of some coccidia..

well in my research, it says "Several references in veterinary literature suggest that almost every cat will become infected by coccidia at some point in their life" hum.. interesting.. another site said that most fight it off themselves. good to know. no idea how long it can survive without a host though.. doesn't tell me that. (I've since learned a couple of days in a dry environment, weeks in a damp one)

Em is in major need of a bath. she's quite oily.. poor thing doesn't groom herself very well.. well if you were her age, and all you had was your tongue, you probably wouldn't either.. :)

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