Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Be careful what you wish for

WE HAVE POOP!! lol.. the orphans have started pooping up a storm.. guess all that eating has caught up with them. The litter box was full after one day. They also found a box of tissues I had in there.. there was tissues all over the room, not to mention a huge pile shoved under the radiator. *rolls eyes* so I cleaned up a little.. they had also found a roll of paper towels and destroyed that, and shoved most of the towels outside the second door in the room.. (there are boxes on the other side of it) yea.. they are acting like normal kittens.

The muppets are getting uber cuddly. Gonzo takes after his mother so much.. it's uncanny. He so smart.. and talented.

I gave them a felt mouse tonight.. Kermit took a turn at playing with it.. as did MP and Peanut.. but Fozzie decided that mouse was hers, darn it.. and death to anyone who would try to get it from her.. :) it was cute. Peanut still isn't much into standing still, but if you rub his cheeks just right he'll tilt his head to the side and just enjoy it.. Man, I wish I could keep him.. Oh well. *prays whoever adopts him keeps in touch*

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