Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Poking around blogger

Well..I'm having the worst time getting my archives to work. I want them to be monthly.. but when I changed it, it only changed the archive page, not the actual archives themselves, so when you click on a month it can't find it unless perchance the week one started on the first... so.. I guess I'll have to go back to weekly. I'm making this post basically to see if by posting it will repost all the archives.. lol

While poking around, I found the title bar.. Pretty cool. Not sure how often I'll use it.. but I've always wanted one.

Now.. kitten-y stuff. Not a whole heck of a lot to report.. they are cute, and healthy, and are just biding their time till they go back to be adopted...

Yesterday I fed the Muppets two large cans and two regular size cans of cat food. one large in the AM, the two small around 6, then another large one at around 9. This morning when I went to feed them, they had dried out wet food left over.. so it is good to know that their stomachs actually do have limits.. lol. Peanut aka Pepe is getting obnoxiously affectionate.. was walking circles around my head the other day, and my hubby's last night.. Kermit was cuddled up in my lap.. Gonzo - who btw is 90% legs - is an absolute laugh riot.. and also loves to cuddle. It's so fun going in there.

The orphans.. Not quite sure what to make of them. They always seem so mellow when I go in there, but looking around I see the remains of their play time.. Like the box of tissues pushed off the shelf, and scattered all over the floor... or the roll of paper towels pushed off the desk and thoroughly and totally killed.. right down to the cardboard tube. Nanoo's peanut sized ear things were much less noticeable today.. I had to search for them. once I found them though they didn't seem to be any smaller.. which I thought was very weird.. but hey.. I can't know everything.

Jack woke me up last night.. he wanted to cuddle. Hasn't done that in a very long time, so I just woke up and cuddled him. I found a mat under his front leg.. that's the third or fourth one.. the others were all in his groin, though. Hopefully, he'll be like Ollie and be able to get them out himself.. Ollie had small mats for about a year.. after he was about 6-9 months old, but he hasn't had any since. I'm assuming he's getting them out on his own.

I'm going to be doing a blood glucose curve on Em this weekend.. Hopefully, it will go well, and we won't need to increase her insulin.. somehow I doubt it though.*shrug* you never know.

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