Sunday, July 20, 2003

Vet vists

the orphans went to a different vet on Saturday. I felt uncomfortable taking them back to the place I work cause they don't get the attention they need when I bring them in cause they don't have an appointment. (well that and what just happened) so the hubby brought them down. The vet he talked to agreed with me that something wasn't quite right, but she didn't find anything wrong either. She did give them some advantage for the fleas - and thank goodness they are flea free now.. she also dewormed them.. and they have been steadily improving ever since. I actually put down three cans of food for them this evening. they didn't eat it all, but I'm sure they will by the morning. I cleaned their ears out again, which they hated. but I'm sure this will be the last time.

I'm going to bring Charlie back to the shelter tomorrow. She is determined to get out of the kitten room, every time I open the door she tries to make a break for it. I've been able to keep her distracted enough not to get away, until yesterday.. she's gotten out twice now. She doesn't get far, but it's enough... so back she goes. The Muppets are big enough to do with out her.. Besides, I want them to start bonding with people more.. so it's all good. (even though I am a major advocate of keeping the kittens with the mom as long as possible). They are getting so long.. no necessarily big, but long. I really should weigh them, but I don't want to... if I don't know how big they are, I can't bring them back.. I'm thinking another week or two will probably put them over the top.. Hopefully, it will be a weekend Im not working. I wonder if the shelter will want to do a further exam on peanut, where he's deformed. I would love to know what's wrong with him.. outwardly you'd never know.. but I can feel something when I pick him up.. his chest / stomach area.. hubby doesn't notice.. but I do. I hope who ever adopts him keeps in touch with me.. that one is special.

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