Thursday, July 10, 2003

Fun with Post-its

Tim mentioned in the comment that his friend recently lost a kitty named Wasabi.. which is interesting, because Mikitu came from the clinic where I work and was from a cat that recently died. Here's hoping that this set has a nice long full lives.

I'm 90% sure I'm bringing them into the clinic tomorrow. They don't eat much at all. Today they had maybe half a bowl of dry food, and half a can of wet food (small) and when I put more food down they were totally uninterested. One or two bites maybe I did get some nutrical for them, and wasabi was interested in that - which is good because he is the skinniest.. you can feel every bone in his spine... but the reason I'm going to bring them into the clinic is that there is been very little poop (which isn't strange in and of its self since they aren't eating much) and their bellies feel like balloons. I don't know if they are constipated, or if they are just really suffering from worms (although if they were I would think they would be eating like horses) I'm probably over reacting.. but better to over react then under. I figure a vet can take one feel and know what's going on.. better than me sitting around wondering.

We had fun with post-its tonight. I went down to check on them, and started playing with them with my pen. One of them picked it up and carried it off, so I searched my pockets and found a small pack of small post-its. I took one and plunked it on wasabi's head.. he didn't know what to make of it for a moment, then got it off and chewed it up dead. :) I then put one on Allie and she totally freaked out.. ran around till it fell off. I put one on sushi's side, and she took it off. it got Triddle's attention though, and he killed it right and good.. :)

I'll get some more pictures for you this weekend.

Muffin is currently licking my ankle.. she's such a silly kitty.

I'm thinking I need to get some dewormers for the first set of kitties.. now they eat like horses.. and still very much on the thin side.

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