Saturday, July 5, 2003

A new game

The kitties decided to play "king of Connie" this morning.. It started with Jack, moved to Muffin, then Eli decided to get in the game.. *rolls eyes* I don't mind being slept on when I'm sleeping, but they don't just do that, they want attention, and for me to wake up.. so here I am awake, and they are all off doing whatever it is kitties do..

The newbies are still quite skittish. Will have to make a point to spend a lot of time with them today.

Peanut had a black bowel movement the other day.. he was eating and acting fine, but that worried me. Black is indicative of blood in the stool. Last night it was brown. so I'm not going to worry, just keep a good eye on him. I picked him up and he went straight for my shoulder. I decided to leave the kitten room with him on there to see what he would do, and he was fine till we entered the other kitten room where my hubby was. then he started getting concerned... it was so cute. - I can't keep any more kittens, I can't keep any more kittens, I can't keep any more kittens....

I saw another foster mom in the clinic on Wednesday. Her kitten has a collapsed lung. We talked about fostering, and she started out with one kitty, and now has 10.

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