Sunday, January 8, 2006

no really.. this time they are gone

and no, I'm not happy about it. I brought them in on Saturday morning, and a couple of people showed interest, but when I explained their issues, they went in search of other kitties. One couple showed up, said they were looking for two long haired kitties. I pointed out Sam and Char, and explained their issues. They went looking around and came back. They asked some more questions and wanted to hold them. I asked about a filled out application (cause you have to fill one out to hold the animals) and they said they had one on file. I gave them Char, and went and got it. Well, it turns out it was the couple from the last adoption I was a little freaked out. They were thinking declaw, and from the attitude from before, I didn't think it would be a match. I explained that these two kitties should not be declawed (yes, I'm against it totally but in certain instances, I would have to be insistent. Declawing can make a cat more fearful. Not to say it WILL make them so, but I have seen too much circumstantial evidence to not believe it can) She seemed okay with them being left intact. They left to think about it, and I was relieved. Right at the very end of the day, they came back. They asked all the right questions and seemed open to dealing with them, so I couldn't find a reason to object - as much as I wanted to. I just hope and pray they are okay. I gave them my email address. I hope they email me to tell me everything is okay. I doubt they would even if it was.

I would love to check up on them, but what on earth would I do if I found out they had them declawed. it would be too late, and I'm sure they would not like the results and would either throw them out or return them to the shelter... and I am certain it would damage them beyond all hope.


I know I can't save them all, but the ones that need saving the most are the ones that I care about the most. Its a shame they never came to fully trusting their surroundings. I can only hope that I am completely wrong in my worry and that they are fine.

but listen to me. Even if I had found the PERFECT home for them, I'd still be worrying.


  1. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Awwww *hugs* Yes you would worry and that's what makes you such a good foster mom. :) Hopefully everything will be okay and the kittens will be happy in their new least they went together.


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