Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm currently a stay at home fur mom

Well, the cats have figured out I'm home full time now. They love it. It's so cute, no matter where I am I have at least four of the six cats with me. Right now I have Eli sitting on the printer watching my typing. Tweedle is in the chair next to me, and Muffin is in the other chair that she has taken to - and I have only been in here for less than five minutes! Give it a few moments, and Em will be in here too.

Speaking of Em... I think she is still losing weight. I am going to do a full BG curve on her tomorrow. I did have a thought that maybe she's losing weight due to the fact we had fleas (I HATE FLEAS) a while back, and she might (yes, I'm reaching) might have tape worms. I haven't seen evidence of it, but you don't often till the infestation is pretty far along. I think I'll get something to deworm her just in case If her BG tomorrow is normal, I'll wait a bit and take her in to see Dr. B when the exams are due in Feb. If not, I'll schedule them next week or so... wait.. next week or so is Feb.. *rolls eyes* I don't know. She looks good, she's acting fine (well except the sleeping in the kitchen on the mat, but then again maybe the mat is comfortable) she loves her wet food, and she still takes her pills like a trooper.

I'm also finding flea dirt on Em. Not on anyone else, and I'm not finding fleas. At least I THINK its flea dirt. I wonder if I shouldn't give her a bath and see what happens. I suppose I could just frontline everyone again to be on the safe side, but that is expensive. At $11.00 a cat.... well let's just say I'm glad I don't have any more than I do.

Although technically I do. I just brought home a mom and her four kittens. Someone else was fostering, and had to go out of town for a bit, so they are here. The kittens are big enough, but the shelter is all booked up with neuterings at the local vets, so I'll keep them here until next week. Mom is still sniffly, so she's on doxy for a few more days. I put them in the basement. It seemed warm enough. I'll have to make sure. I don't really want them upstairs if they are sick without transporting the cage up here too, which I also don't really want to do. I do have a heater I can turn on.. which is probably what is going to happen. They were a little freaked out by the move, so I'm letting them settle. I need to go down and give them "what for" though, to get them to open up and be more social. Kittens that hide in the back of the cage don't get adopted easily.

I am surprised by how many kittens the shelter still has in its care. It was such a late starting season.. but man did it last. When are people going to learn to get their cats altered?? arrrgh.

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