Monday, January 9, 2006

no kittens

I had to toss Emmy off me this morning to go pee, I had to scold Jack for getting into my drawer this morning. I had to call out to Ollie who was out in the living room screaming off his head for who only knows why (I like to call it their 'I'm lost' cry) I had to pick Tweedle's nose cause she seems to have a smidge of cold, and had to dig the gunk out of Eli's ears last night because they had gotten bad again, and yet this morning I'm lamenting the fact that I have no kittens to care for.

Yup. I need help.

Na.. just need more kittens.. but that will be may or June before that happens. I'm thankful that there aren't as many kittens in the area now, but darn it, I want kittens!!

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