Thursday, January 26, 2006

the kittens first outing

I went to play with the kittens the other night and noticed one of them was much shyer (shier? more shy?) than the others. I thought it would be a good idea to take them up to my previous place of employment so they could get some travel time and some cuddling. It was fun, but they were a bit too squirmy for a furniture store. Wasn't like we could let them down and let them run around. They will be going back to the shelter on Tuesday. They are big enough now, but finding a vet who had time to do them was the issue.

Well Em's curve was non-existent. Her readings were in the 300s all day, so we put her back on one unit of insulin. This LOOKS like it is good for her. She licked all the food off her plate, and then when she got to Eli's and jack's plates, she licked them clean too. She's spunky and this FEELS right. I'll test her in a couple of days and make sure we are on the right track, then do another curve.

The one reading will give me a ballpark of where her sugars are - in relation to where they should be. Doing a curve - taking readings every several hours throughout the day - gives me (and the doctor) a better idea of how she is processing her foods and dealing with the insulin. Since she doesn't like to bleed for me and gets quite grumpy when I try to stab her ear, I've started getting the blood out of her claws. Her back claws have very long quicks and needed to be trimmed back anyway. I bought some styptic powder and only once did I need it... no wait, twice, but the first time didn't really work. Done right, getting blood out of her claws is WAY easier than stabbing her ear.. but since the claws don't heal quite like the ears do, I really can't be doing them as often. Worse comes to worse I can start stabbing her ear again.

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