Saturday, January 14, 2006

Moving Minnesota

I came home today with a pocket full of change, so I poked through my quarters to see if I had anything I was missing my state quarters collection. I don't know why I'm collecting the state quarters.. really.. i don't. A compulsion fueled by the United States mint? no idea... but yet here I am going through my quarters every once in a while to see if I have a new state. I am actually up to date - except I am missing Indiana.. I think it fell out of the coin holder thingie - which does NOT hold the coins very well - behind a desk. I'm not worried, I'll find another one eventually. ANYWAY.. I had the folder out in the kitchen on the "forbidden counter" - so needless to say it gets knocked over. I immediately blamed Jack, but he was in the room with me, and it was Muffin who was looking mighty guilty. We collected all the quarters and realized Minnesota was missing. I blamed muffin for eating it or playing with it, and figured it would turn up eventually.. and it did. But it just made for some interesting conversation..

Husband: Honey - Minnesota is missing
Me: Really, are you sure? did you look around
Husband: Yup, I cant find it anywhere


Husband: Honey - I found Minnesota.. it rolled all the way over into the other room.

Just made me giggle.

It was raining this morning pretty badly, and I think there was something in the air cause the cats were all fighting like.. well like cats and dogs. Usually a sharp reprimand from me will put a stop to the bickering, but it didn't today. Jack kept harassing the other cats, so I finally locked him in a room by himself for a while. I don't know if it worked or not, but at least there wasn't any physical violence any more. At work one of my co-workers told me her cat was acting strange this morning too, and so did another (but her cats weren't acting THAT strange) That full moon - back to a Friday the 13th.. and they say cats can't read calendars!!

I went to the Psycho Kitty's website again today - realizing I hadn't been in a while ( ) and it is so much fun reading that site. You really start to think the cat is writing it.. she does a good job of it all.. but anyway.. I was reading around Christmas, and it was asked what everyone wanted for Christmas. I couldn't help but read the comments, and there was one in there 'from' a rabbit, who asked for carrots. Which sent me to the bunny's website (you have GOT to love the net) which led me to sites that reminded me just how much I want a bunny. I need to make it over to the shelter some point soon and visit with the rabbits they have. Last time I was there they had a gray rabbit named Jack.. I almost adopted him with out getting to know him, but he was hiding in his house and wasn't too thrilled with me when I made him come out. There are some really cool new rabbit hutches on the market now. 12 years ago when I was looking for one, they were still doing wire bottom cages, which I never did like.. but that was all there was. We built Tobin a pen in the basement of our last house, which he loved very much, but he was never really litter trained, so there were stains in the cement. I want a nice social rabbit. I know they are rare.. so I'm willing to wait.

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