Monday, January 30, 2006

Okay then.

Well, I went to a 1:30 appointment. first one back from lunch, and I still had to wait 15 minutes to see someone. I almost walked out and waited for my regular vet. I probably should have. I wasn't too thrilled with this vet. She said Em wasn't vomiting, she was regurgitating.. *rolls eyes* she also refused to call her a she after she found out Em is male (long story) then she started talking about Ketones, and how you can't test for those with a glucometer. I worked for this vet for a year and a half. Em has been a diabetic for years and years now, and I've never seen anyone be concerned with Ketones unless the blood sugar is excessively high... even then they don't test for it. She sounds like she's test happy. I don't like test happy - especially when her health care isn't subsidized. (aka when I worked there I got it at cost) I'm all for making her healthy, but I feel uncomfortable paying for things I don't even know she needs.

*sigh* Good thing I love my cats. My first unemployment check is going to pay for this.

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