Friday, January 20, 2006

*rips hair out*

Okay, I'm frustrated.. I can't get Em back on an even keel. We were at four units of insulin, and her sugars were obnoxiously low, so we took her off. they went to the 300's. we put her on two, they were low again. Took her off again, and they are up to 300's again!! She's also lost about a pound in a week here. Friday I weighed her at 14lbs 11oz. Sunday she was at 14lbs 8oz, with her BG being 52.. so I made the decision to go off insulin all together again. Thursday she was 14lbs. Today her sugars are in the 300's. grrr.

However, she hasn't had regular doses of her herbs or her cosequin. I'm going to start that up again and be anal about it, and see what happens. I did just get postcards saying the kids were due for shots, so if she doesn't settle soon, I'll get some major blood work done on her.

I stopped by the shelter on Thursday, and was offered some kittens on a temp basis, since the woman fostering them now needs a few weeks off. I miss having kittens. Too bad these guys aren't younger. Oh well. Can't complain about the lack of kittens!! (as much as I might want to)

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