Thursday, January 12, 2006

Either awww or WTF?

I was waking up slowly this morning, and Jack wanted to help. He started climbing over my bladder and chest so I covered up with a pillow. He then came to my head, and tried to walk on my face, so I put my arm up over my head. He then laid his head down on my face so I couldn't breathe through my nose but could through my mouth. I couldn't figure out if he wanted to be annoying or be close to me.

Em is a whole strange mystyh mystery (she is trying to type again) herself. She has had morning sugars of over 300 so we put her up to 3 units. Well, I took her 6-hour reading (she gets insulin every 12 hours - or so - and her sugars should dip during the day then rise again before her next meal) well the noon reading was 34!! ARRRGH. I couldn't get her to bleed either. She was getting so grumpy that I had to take it by clipping her nail too short. she wasn't a fan of that either, but at least it was quicker. it was nice as I only got the drop I needed instead of the gushers that usually comes when you clip too short.

I'm trying to figure out if I should take her to the clinic to get an official BG reading... although being there will stress her out so her sugars will be a bit high anyway.. *sigh* who knows. I really shouldn't stress about this as much as I do, but I don't have kittens at the moment, so she gets my full attention.. especially when she sits at my foot with those big kitten eyes

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