Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's only 9am and

and Em's BG curve is not going as planned. Her first reading was 352, her second was 338.. okay yes, it's going down, but I was hoping for a faster rate. (breakfast was right after her first reading at 6)

So, what does this mean... probably that she is going to go back on insulin for a while, but I will reserve that judgement till the entire reading is done.

She is still losing weight though. 13lbs 13 oz this morning.

and why on earth is she sleeping on the mat in the kitchen?? I don't understand that one in the least.

As I mentioned, I have foster kittens again. A long sleek black mom, and four babies. Three black and one gray. I'm assuming they have names, but I didn't get them. I was thinking about naming them after the women at work.. (for the boys I could use their last names) it seems kinda appropriate since the last time I named kittens for my coworkers I was quickly unemployed :D

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