Monday, January 30, 2006

My cats are trying to kill me

I swear they want to give me a heart attack just to see what happens. I haven't left Em's side for quite a while now, and I'm just in the other room while she's on the bed. She has urinated and had a BM, so I'm not worried about immediate danger. I called my friend at the vet who has cats as well, and she thinks I'm okay waiting another day as well - since her doc isn't in today. So I'm waiting. She's sleeping.. Eli wants to give me a heart attack. Last time I saw Em she was on the edge of the bed. I hear a large racket that COULD be her falling off the bed, but it was just Eli jumping up on my dresser that has photos on it. There is no reason for him to be up there. He's been up there before, there is nothing interesting to look at or play with.. he just wanted to freak me out. ha ha ha.. I'll get him. I'll bring him to the vet tomorrow for his vaccines (okay, so he was due) Eli Ollie and Muff are due for vx. getting the four of them there tomorrow is not going to be fun.

Em and I spent the day in bed yesterday. We gave her some water, some food, and a litterbox. She didn't use the box until very late in the day. She used it again in the middle of the night, and pooped this morning. She has nibbled on and off food all day yesterday. She vomited while on the bed in the early afternoon, the proceeded to eat some more. I let her walk around the house in the PM - cause the other kitties missed me terribly. I threw down treats and she wasn't interested. I threw some down this morning, and she had a few.

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