Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cats are an opportunity for growth

I'm watching (or more like listening cause I'm trying to work too) to the the opening program of the AAHA conference  It is interesting, and I am not quite sure I'm going to be watching much more because at this point it seems to be geared toward management of the practice.. but I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye on it.

Anyway, toward the end of the opening program, the speaker had mentioned several times that cats are an opportunity for growth, and twice he mentioned specifically to the pet owners watching that if they own cats they should take them to the vet.

apparently cats don't go to the vet.  If your cat hasn't gone to the vet, it probably should.  Getting a hands on check up from a professional and blood work if your cat is over 8 will ward off lots of health issues if done regularly..

but he was trying to sound altruistic and saying it is in the cats' best interest if you take them to the vet.. he said something along the lines of  'you'll feel better and they'll feel better'  and I couldn't only think (especially after listening to them go on and on about how to increase revenues) that the vets will feel better.. I have to say most people don't feel better after taking their cat to the vet.  It is stressful and I know when I'm done I'm exhausted from the emotional strain.  I know my cats would greatly appreciate it if they never went to the vet ever again (I know, I threaten them quite often when they look like they might be coming down with something - you'd be surprised how quickly they start feeling better.. )

So yes, take your cat to the vet, but don't dress it up as they'll enjoy it :)
(and I so have to appreciate technology that I can 'attend' this event so easily.. I remember the early days of the Internet where even getting a single page to load took some patience)


  1. Somewhere I had read or heard that many cats never go to the vet. I know a co-worker whose middle-aged cat, outside of his neuter, has never been back to the vet in 10+ years. I can't understand it. And after a certain age, I get bloodwork done every six months. Cats age faster than humans so a lot can happen in six months to a year.

  2. Yep - read that somewhere too. And amazing how you ask people who want to surrender to a shelter for vet records and they look like you are speaking a foreign language. But we agree - not fans of the v-e-t even though she comes to the house. And mom says she could do without trying to hunt us down before the appt. :)

  3. Oh my gosh--I am struck speechless after watching the two videos from yesterday! They are so unbelievably adorable and I loved how Mama had to come "rescue" her kitten from the scary Human. Ha ha ha! Sooooo sweet!


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