Sunday, March 25, 2012

Former Fosters - Buffy Zander and Oz (Now Spike)

I looked back to find the labels for this post and realized I've already done an update on them already and I used the EXACT same title.  I was going to change it, but I decided against it.  :) If you want to see baby picts of them, click here and scroll or just click here

I just heard from Buffy's Mom.. she sent me some more WONDERFUL photos of her kitties.. they look so wonderful and happy and HEALTHY!!  for those of you not around last June, Buffy became incredibly sick with anemia and spent the night in an oxygen chamber.  We never did figure out why and after recovering it didn't happen again.  The three of them were quite bonded before her trip to the vet, but when she got back her brothers were so happy to see her but so cautious with her because she was so weak, that I asked the shelter to see if they couldn't get adopted together.  It's rare, but I've had a couple of sets go together, so I was hopeful.  Low and behold a woman looking for more then one kitty stopped by the website shortly after they were posted who was a huge fan of the Buffy TV show, and it seemed like the perfect match all around.

I had my doubts, I'm not too proud to admit it, but then again I ALWAYS have doubts.. I gave my heart and soul to Buffy to help her get well and no one was going to be good enough for this set of kittens, but I so love being proven wrong!!

I can so easily tell them apart. I wish I could say it is because I know them so well, but it is Spike's panther nose that sets him apart, and Zander is a fluff boy, so he's easy to pick out too.  I think of them often and I think I fell in love with them all over again through these photos!!

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  1. That must be one of the most rewarding aspects, or *the* most rewarding: Getting updates from the forever homes and seeing how happy, healthy and loved your former fosters are now. :-)


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