Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kitten play

Last night when I was visiting the kittens and encouraging them to climb (they want out, but they haven't quite figured out climbing yet) Ludwig started playing with the toy that is in the basket with them.  Even picked it up in his mouth.. it just killed me.

When I turned on the webcam this morning I saw this.. I thought you'd like this.  Or maybe not, maybe you don't like having your head explode from cuteness.. if not, you might want to look away now..  You were warned, and if your head explodes don't expect me to clean it up :)

I think that is Ludwig belly up, but that is a classic Miriam move.. frustrates me this camera isn't clearer..

Speaking of frustrating that the camera isn't clearer.. can you see Petra sitting on her mom's head?
Moose is being licked by Meira, just a second later he was biting her and trying to get her to play.. she proceeded to ignore him and went to lick Petra


  1. "Clean up in aisle 3!!!" :-)

    (Regarding exploding heads, of course.)

  2. Head explodeees from kitten squee is fine with meeee! :P

  3. I. Want. Them. All!

  4. Cuteness overload
    Don't let your head explode!!!

  5. What a joy to watch. So adorable.

  6. That belly up just slays me.

    (When I had the kitten cam going on Lucy's brood, I finally had to limit myself to watching it at lunch. How is it they can do very little and be mesmerizing at the same time?)


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