Friday, March 30, 2012

Kitten Time

Hey, can you help a kit out?
We want out.. we want to 'splore
Miriam and I need to get away from these boys!!
Don't worry Miriam, she'll help..
You will?
And if she won't, I WILL find a way..
See, I told you!  Hey, Ludwig, what are you sniffing??
I smell it too..
Now that's not right..
Time to nurse.. stop your walking practice and come eat..
We aren't walkin, we are runnin!! (very badly I might add)
Well if the boys are eating..
That last picture just cracks me up..
By the way, there was nothing wrong with the blanket, it was just clean and didn't smell like them..

Edited to add that these pictures were taken earlier.  At this point the kittens can crawl out the laundry basket (Miriam was the first one) and as a result I took it away.  Meira was actually quite stressed once she realized the basket was gone, and when I went to leave the room she went and charged at my cats on the other side (fortunately I predicted this and had interference)  The kittens are also no longer listening to her when she calls them to her.  I'm sure they will when they are hungry, but it is a riot to see kittens hear the call and decide to ignore it for the first time.  I also realized the kittens have had teeth for quite some time now and will most likely be eating pretty quickly..


  1. Sounds like the kittens are entering the "terrible two's" phase! :P

  2. LOL @ the "terrible twos" comment.

    Love my dose of kitten cuteness, Connie, thanks so much for posting so regularly!

  3. they are so much fun at this stage!!!

  4. I love it so much when kittens sniff something and then make that disgusted face!

  5. LOL @ terrible twos!!! They are really finding their feet :)

  6. ROFL! Yes, Connie, you coined it! "...and decide to ignore it for the first time." You can see the little wheels spinning as they make the decision.

    Great photo story, hon!

  7. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Oh my goodness, these kittens are just getting cuter and cuter every day!!! Its almost too much! Almost ;o)


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