Thursday, March 29, 2012


I often find myself at the end of a fostering situation with very few posted pictures of the foster mom.  Since Meira seems to have such a unique situation (needing a very unique diet) I thought I might try to find her a home through additional methods (anyone want a raw fed Nebelung??) and as such, making sure I got good photos of her will be important..   Cause this one just won't do..
OK, so lets see what we get..
Not bad, but couldn't have kept your mouth closed?
Probably not your best side
Now you look like an Elf..
not too bad, but there is a kitten butt showing..
Much better cropped..
Another fairly good shot..
So not bad :) Meira is so sweet, she wants attention, but she needs to be able to get to her kittens on a whim so she doesn't much like being 'held'.  If I gather her all up and snuggle her she lets me for a few moments before being asked to be put down (and then runs to sniff the kittens) so I bet she'll like it a lot more when they are older.  She loves to get kisses.  I can't wait to see her personality bloom when it isn't weighed down with the responsibility of motherhood..

That and once her fur grows back in.  The shelter did a clean up shave on her when she came in.. probably due to the diarrhea..

and she has the tiniest feet.. it ALMOST looks like her legs just stop at the floor because her toes only come out a wee little bit..


  1. She is very lovely...and such a good momma :)

  2. She is going to be an even more gorgeous girl once her fur fully grows in and she puts a little weight on. I love your photo comments, especially with the kitten butt.

  3. She's so sweet and beautiful.
    You did a wonderful job with the photos!
    ....and we too, love the kitten butt.
    ; )

  4. She’s a sweetie! Are you keeping her? And the kitties? ;)

  5. Meira is such a good Momcat. We hope she gets adopted into a home that is willing to continue with a raw diet for her.

  6. She's a beauty in all the photos and I'm sure it's going to get even better.

  7. HAAAAAA! She did look like an elf in that picture! You made me shoot Diet Coke out my nose (ouch) :)

    She is one gorgeous girl!

  8. "I can't wait to see her personality bloom when it isn't weighed down with the responsibility of motherhood."

    Indeed! Meira, you're a lovley lady and we can't wait to get to know the frisky gal inside the mommy!


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