Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rescues on the Runway

My local shelter and 13 others participated in "Rescues on the Runway" event being held at the nearby mall.  They asked for volunteers but I held off volunteering, I wanted to just visit.  I'm a little glad I didn't volunteer, because there was a LOT of people there wearing the shelter T-shirts so I'd probably would have just been in the way..

I was a little overwhelmed by all the people and the chaos and I wondered how on earth the cats were standing it, but they all pretty much seemed to take it in stride.  Some were interacting with the public, many were nonplussed by the whole thing.  There was a nice mix of animals there too.  Many dogs, some puppies, some cats, a bunny and a horse! :)

I also learned that there is now a group dedicated to helping animals out in an emergency called CCART.  Apparently they have been around for three years and I hadn't heard of them.  The very nice woman gave me some information about volunteering.  A little overwhelming since they require a criminal background check - so it makes me wonder exactly what I would be signing up for - but I like the idea of making sure there is this sort of emergency services around.  I'm not quite ready to sign on, but I'm definitely going to be looking into it a bit more.
Watching flashes of light on the ceiling
I want the horsie!!
Cats in harnesses
puppy close up
Girl and Puppy
Girl and Puppy
Another puppy
They use aprons for jackets
cute bunny
yeah, whatever..
crowd shot
More kitties
That bottom cage is open and there is a pet in there
The news just reported that 48 animals went home (or are in the process of it) so I would say that was a great success.  Hopefully a few other families have pets on the brain and will stop by in the next few days or weeks..


  1. that seems like a great idea! glad to hear a bunch were adopted, there were many cute critters to choose from! That tiny horse would be a fine choice!

  2. That's a great success, well done to everyone involved. I hope none of the adopted animals comes back, that the adopters have second thoughts. (Trust me to worry about that!)

    Actually, I like the idea of a criminal background check, think it's a good idea. At least you'd have a better sense that the person isn't selling animals for research purposes or whathaveyou. (Yeah, I'm the queen of trust issues on every level. LOL.)

  3. That is wonderful, especially that so many were re homed!

  4. I really wish I could have been there, but I had to work at my paying job that day :( . I can't wait to get to the shelter tomorrow to see who was adopted at the event!!!!


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