Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cobra to Upward Dog

The kittens are starting to realize that feet are for walking.. they spend a lot of time pushing upwards with their front paws and looking around.  They get wobbly, then they fall over (videos tomorrow) and they usually fall over on a sibling and wrestling ensues..

It's freakingly adorable!
Cobra pose
Long toes looking up kills me..
Working on "Upward Dog"
My feet were made for walkin!!
Tiny girl does upward dog, Monkey boy, not so much
Yea, this feat thing is a lot of work..
wrabble wrabble wrabble
aaah! he's got me!! (she was yawning I missed the open mouth)
I'll get you!
Hey, if I use my brother for support
is it the same as standing on my own??
works for me!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Extreme cuteness!

  2. Soooo adorable! What a treat! Cancel the TV, who needs it when you have such cuteness! :)

  3. sigh....serious cute!!

  4. OMC...Those little white paw tips get ME. ::Thud::

  5. Thanks for the kitten fix! I miss babies...but not the responsibilities...


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