Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kit-lit's love of my husband

Now I have mentioned over and over and over that Kit (aka Kit-lit) LOVES my husband.  An undying almost love sick devotion to him - which is adorable.  Well I recently realized she's not all that picky.

You saw the post about having a guy come over and do an energy audit on the house?  And you saw how Kit was all over the place while he was around?  So unlike her, she's generally off to the side when we have company.. I wondered if it was because the guy who did the audit works with my husband and thus they smell a bit like the same place and that might have had something to do with it..

Well we also recently had a guy come and look at our house for a pellet stove.  Another working man in our house, and Kit actually did something I've never seen her do with anyone other then my husband, she did one of those standing jumps up into his arms.. well the guy from the stove shop wasn't expecting her, so there were no arms to catch her, so she just hung there clinging to his jacket!!

Fortunately the stove shop guy had a great appreciation for the gesture, and we all laughed..

but I think Kit-lit has a thing for the working man..


  1. Heh heh, she just appreciates a man in a tool belt. Our human can relate to that. :-P

  2. Kit-Lit just likes the smell of the working man!!!! :)


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