Sunday, August 3, 2003

well... we have fleas.. again

Somehow my own kitties now have fleas. It's not bad.. a smidge of dander, and one or two darting around.. but its enough to make me run out and get some front line for them. I HATE fleas.

I started to do a blood glucose curve on Em. It was in the 400's before breakfast and her insulin.. then a couple of hours later it was down to the 200's. It's supposed to be around 100. It was in the 300's when she went in to the clinic for the curve, so it was stress, but it's not as low as it should be, so we'll be increasing her insulin a bit - as recommended.

Muffin is also having a reaction to her acne. It's extremely mild, I hadn't even noticed she had any - and I was looking (but not searching) her lip puffed up again.. doing a search for swollen lip on google, I found it can be a reaction to acne, so I cleaned off her nice white sparkling chin with peroxide and found a bit of black dander. Will have to talk to the vet about that too. He is so going to regret hiring me.. but hey.. he knew my kitties had health issues before he hired me.. so he can't complain now.

The orphans are still flea free. Ate up a STORM today.. normally they have one can per feeding, and there is some left over, today they had FOUR cans.. and then they cleaned off my plate of ranch dressing.. it was cute.. Nanoo stood in the dish to get a better angle at cleaning it off. I read down there for a while and ended up with a couple of kitties in my lap. :)

I then went upstairs, and the muppets weren't crazed out of their gourd.. I fed them, and they left half the food down.. quite odd. I sat in there reading.. Gonzo and peanut couldn't figure out why I was staring at this thing, and did their best to distract me, it was ever so cute. Peanut laid down on my chest and let me pat his belly. I REALLY love that kitten....

I say that as Jack jumps into my lap and starts purring. Yes Jack.. I still love you most of all.. and no.. you shouldn't be disappointed because I didn't do a blood glucose test on you.. ask em.. she wasn't too thrilled about it.. (but when she was done.. jack was right there wanting his.. he's such a strange little boy - and I love him so)

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