Thursday, February 2, 2006

break through

Okay then. Who knows if it was the stimulant (probably not) or the force feeding, or if it was just time, but last night we had a break through. Em went to the bathroom and had a cow patty BM. Much better than the water stuff she had for two days. I heard a cat whining, so I immediately jumped out of bed, but she was just standing there - must have been someone in another room. I went to the bathroom to see what she did. She followed me looking absolutely chipper. I offered her some food and she dug right in. I was sure she was going to eat the whole thing, but she stopped after a few minutes, came up to see me, then went back down for a few more bites. YAY!!

From the description of what happened this morning when the hubby fed her she's not back to her ol self quite yet, but it is a dramatic improvement!!

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