Sunday, February 19, 2006

*tearing hair out*

Ok, so Ollie didn't have a BM in 24 hours, in fact it was closer to 48, and that was AFTER I force fed him (which was NOT pretty) I've been brushing his teeth daily with baking soda and peroxide (I keep waiting for him to vomit, but he doesn't) I think he knows it is helping and doesn't fight me - which is nice. I let him out of isolation after the BM, since it looked normal except the fact that it was orange due to the pumpkin I forced him. So he's out for a couple of hours when BOOM, the power goes out for 36 hours. Yes.. no power, no heat, no water, no internet access for 36 hours!! it was so frustrating. Especially since it was below freezing out side, and at the end the house was only 46 degrees. If it hadn't come on soon, I was considering evacuating the kids, but had no idea where I would bring them. Oh well.. doesn't matter at this point. I know that if worse comes to worse we'll just live in the car. Something we can do for a few days.. Not that I'd have to as I know I have friends I could "impose" on.

So, for a day and a half, the last thing I could really focus on was what was going on with the kids. I just wanted to make sure the had enough food on board to keep their temps up. When the power came back up, you can bet I turned them all up to 75!! :)

The freezer seemed okay, but the ice cream was melted. The fridge seemed ok too, but the whipped cream was solid (canned version) I tried testing Em's BG's this morning to see if the insulin was working. We only had a drop of 50 points in four hours. Not good, but then I remembered she was on junk food for the past few days, so that MIGHT have something to do with it. I'll keep testing her AM sugars, and will do a curve in a couple of days to make sure that she gets back on keel.

She's currently frustrating me too. She has been begging me all day for treats and food. I wouldn't due to the high BGs. So now I've feed her, I have to keep pointing out the food to her. One time she even left the food to nibble on a piece of debris on the floor! Grrr.. eat the good food you silly kitty.

I swear they know that raw is eventually coming, and they are just going to be annoying till it does. I don't believe I am going to find anyone to grind for me, so I have to get off my duff and order a grinder. Hubby agreed to grind for me. (cause frankly the whole thing just gives me the willies). I can buy ground meat on line, but the cost of shipping just doesn't make it worth it to me. That and one of the most popular meats at this place (and the name of the site says it all) is rabbit, and I just can't do that. To me that is akin to feeding ground cat to a dog. Yea yea yea.. the rabbits lead a good life up until, but I can't.

So I need to get Em's weight again.. need to get back on board with her sugars, need to make sure Ollie's teeth are okay, and I NEED to buy a grinder..

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