Friday, February 10, 2006

flash of light

The other day, the hubby and I were in the kitchen putting things away, when something shiny caught some light and made a flash on the wall. Em got SO excited. Flashes of lights have always been one of her favorite toys. So I dug out the laser we bought her, and it didn't work. She knew what it was and asked that it be turned on. So I opened up the battery compartment, and changed the order of the batteries, and it came on. Oh, she was thrilled. It is so funny to watch this log slam the floor with her paws going after flashes of light.

Em doesn't like to play with others, so when some of the other cats tried to get involved, she gave up. I ran them off on to the other side of the room (by flashing the light that way) and then walked Em over to the rug - cause watching her try to scramble on hardwood was hard to watch. We played a bit longer, but then she got tired. We used to play this game for hours. Even got her to play Jeanie in a bottle, but having her come up and rub the flashlight or laser three times to turn it back on. She's old, she's out of shape, but it was so nice to see her play.

She's also put some weight back on. - did I mention this? 13lbs 3 oz to 13/13. Very exciting. I need to do another curve on her. Neither one of us likes it, but she needs it.

I am contemplating another food change. I started feeding them all Felidae several years ago. Jack particularly loved it, and would chew through the bag to get to it. Recently they haven't been eating as well, and since Jack and Eli now need to be on special food, and Em needs to be on a low carb food, I'm actually considering going to a "raw" diet. Ground up chicken with supplements. I need to find someone who will grind it for me, cause I have a hard time touching raw meat, let along grinding bones. We have a couple of butchers in the area, I'm sure they would be glad to do it for me if I ask. Also going to feed Innova Evo for when doing the raw isn't convenient. I got a sample pack and gave them all some. They all liked it. Jack a little too much, cause he's not eating the other stuff now.

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