Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yes, Myla, you are a pretty kitty

This mom is such a riot. She so wants to be patted and have her belly rubbed, but she can't stand the static in the air. She was getting ever so grumpy with me, so I got up, got a wet face cloth to pat her with.

She is very much in need of a bath. I'm scared to do it since she is so far along, but I just might. Only problem is I'd have to bring her upstairs to do it, and that wouldn't go over well at all.

I trimmed her nails. Her front ones were recently done, but no one nabbed the back ones, cause they were about three times as long as they should have been. She didn't like the position she was in the first go-round with the trimmer, but she quickly adjusted her big fat belly into a better position and it went very well. I cleaned her ears too, they were a MESS! She was so grumpy having them cleaned, but I'm sure she felt better getting some of that debris out of them.

Several weeks ago, I bought a kit for scrap-booking for kitties. It's just a little brag book, but it was cute and I couldn't resist. So I had to go through all of my photos to find some good ones of the kids. I don't have them organized well at all, so I had to go through ALL of them. I found forty great shots, which is going to be way too many for the little book, but I couldn't resist. I'm sure I've got other brag books around here somewhere for the leftovers :) Maybe I'll even print duplicates..

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