Monday, February 6, 2006

confused - what's new

I'm doing a curve on Em, and the numbers are so wonky. Yes, she's eaten a little since I started, but I wouldn't think it would have that effect on her. I'll do another one Wednesday but every two hours. It's looking like I'm going to have to go up on her insulin... but what I also can't figure out is why she is vomiting if she's not eating every 8 hours or so. I thought maybe cause her sugars were low, but they aren't getting that low.

Maybe she's still on the recovery stage of things, and I just have to deal with this for another week or two.. *hopefully, not that long*

We fed her before we went out yesterday. I gave her the pills - capsules -then immediately gave her food. She licked around the outside of the pile. I went to check on her before we actually left, maybe 10 minutes after I gave her the pills, and she hurled up the little she had eaten and the pills. I had given them to her yesterday without incident, so I don't think the pills are making her upset. However, one cool thing I noticed is they were halfway digested.. so that is a pretty quick absorption.

She also seems hungry all the time. She has put on about 5 ounces and doesn't look so thin in the gut anymore. So do I feed her and let her put back on the weight, and risk spoiling her so she won't ever go back to scheduled feedings, or do I work hard at getting her regulated.. or somewhere in between??

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