Saturday, February 11, 2006

Okay Ollie, you have reason to be grumpy

I have been giving him "happy pills" that we got from a holistic vet, over the past couple of days due to his excessive grump, and today I realized that the small teeth right behind the canines are totally inflamed. Well yes, a sore mouth is reason to be grumpy (not that he really NEEDED a reason)

I do have to get the kids into the vet for vx and check ups, so I should get on the stick and make the appointment. Technically Jack and Twee don't need to go, but I'm considering bringing them in anyway. Jack has been showing signs of UTI again - so we put him on s/d as previously recommended - and Twee is just being herself, but she wheezes and sneezes and snores, so I wouldn't mind if he listened to her chest again... but do I REALLY want to bring all six cats in on one day?? Seriously, the answer to that is NO FREAKING WAY, but its cheaper on me - since I only get charged one office visit - and I like getting it all out of the way.

Ive been reading up on feline diabetes, raw diets, and now FIP again. My brain is absolutely fried. One website I went to implied that vaccines caused the FIP. I read it twice and realized they were saying basically that it lowered the immune system and allowed the FIP to take hold. I don't think I like either option. Yes, I'll admit, some vets are totally and utterly over vaccinating (the all mighty dollar is pretty powerful) but to say vaccinating your pet could cause FIP seems totally irresponsible in my mind. FIP is a mutation. An anomaly. And I KNOW way too many vets take the FIP route cause its easy. The only way to definitely find out if a cat has FIP is after it has succumbed to FIP. I know of a cat who had an underdeveloped brain. It was diagnosed as such - and was so cute as it stumbled while it walked , not sad and pathetic as you would think. the cat was put up for adoption as such (okay so it was a kitten) and the new owners took it to a different vet, who immediately said it was FIP and put it down. Well it wasn't. I also know of a vet who took one blood test for a cat that was showing very vague symptoms, and declared it FIP, and so the owner went back to the breeder to get another kitten. She brought that one in as well, and he put that one to sleep too. The cat looked and acted healthy. I could have hit him.. (but I worked for him at the time so I couldn't) He also believes FIP is contagious, which it is not. It only seems that way due to the genetic make up of catteries.

Old information on this subject is highly out dated. Most info on the web is more than five years old. its frustrating... and incredibly sad. But I'm ranting again.. so I'm going to toddle off to bed.

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  1. i just had an argument over this type of thing this weekend w/ my future sis in law...she doesn't want to get her kitty vaccinated at all but since she's planning on getting her fixed most vets require all shots are up to date...she insists the vaccinations are what made her previous cat ill. I don't buy it but whatever...all i can do is help her find a vet that will spay w/o shots *crosses fingers*


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