Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ollie update

I gave him five ounces of water and food. He ate and drank about an ounce each. No output at this point... but I won't be worried about that until the morning (my cats seem to be on an AM elimination schedule)

I went in earlier to see him, and he just ignored me. Sent the husband in to see him a bit ago, and he jumped right up on him, and was very happy to see him. I came in to chat with the hubby, and give Ollie some treats (cause I wasn't happy about the one-ounce meal) which he ate, but not too happily. He then went and hid under the futon. At least his tongue is a bit pinker..

Obviously Ollie has absolutely no use for me. He is SOOO daddy's kitty. Hopefully, he can get him to eat some more, cause with out input, there is no out put.

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