Wednesday, February 1, 2006

cat walking across your keyboard a problem?

A more high-tech solution is PawSense ($20), available from BitBoost
Systems ( The PawSense computer program recognizes
the patterns of a cat walking across the keyboard. The program
prevents further input once it launches, puts up a screen-saver and
has the computer emit a noise to annoy the cat into walking away.

Ok, this just amuses me to no end..

Anyway. Let's see. Em is still getting excited over treats, and ate more this morning than she has in the past couple of days. We offered her wet food again, and she turned her nose up at it. Dry food works for her, but she stops after only a few bites. I'm considering forcing her again. I hate doing that. It stresses her. I am also considering getting her human food that might tempt her... but would that do more harm than good? If I spoil her on human food, will I ever get her back on cat food. *considers that since I'm doing quite a few updates per day I have probably told you all this already - if so I'm sorry*

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