Monday, February 13, 2006

Eat Emmy, Eat!! We can't have a skinny Emmy.

Well I swear Em has Alzheimer's. I give her food, she gets very excited. Eats about a quarter of it, realizes she has to wash her face, or her paw or be somewhere else at that moment, so she gives up and walks away. I tap the dish, and she comes running back as if to say FOOD! oh yes, I like food.. eats some more, stops, I tap the dish, she eats more. She leaves, I tap again, she says 'hun what?" so I put the bowl in front of her and she eats happily again. No wonder she's losing weight, she is losing her mind!

She went back down to 13lbs 7 oz. So I started paying attention to her eating habits. She looks a bit better today but I haven't weighed her. I did a curve on her yesterday. Went from low 300's to 150. Still a little wiggle room in there, but since I'll probably be changing her diet in the next week or so, I'm just going to let her sit at 3 units for a while.

as for Ollie, I started putting peroxide on his teeth, which didn't help that much, so this morning I put baking soda and peroxide on them, and they almost look back to normal. Got to love baking soda for killing germs. I once was chewing baking soda gum when I went into the dentist. They wanted to do a scraping and show me the bacteria on my teeth, but they couldn't find any. Love the baking soda. No idea why they keep taking it out of dental products. (scope once made a baking soda mouth wash I loved)

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  1. oooooh really? *runs to store to get baking soda stuff*


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