Monday, February 27, 2006

Myla and the rabbit.

Well I let Bri on the bed the other afternoon for some exercise, and she ended up peeing on it (she's also been destructive in her cage.. hum.. feeling more at home is she?) so then I put her in the living room where there is a rug for her to run on. We had all six cats staring at her, it was a little off-putting. So tonight I brought her down stairs to play with Myla. Myla liked Bri in a "mmmm yummy rabbit" sort of way.. so I put her back in the cage with some food while I let Bri work off some energy.

Well turns out Bri REALLY likes the taste of live wires. Chewed right down to the copper faster than I could stop her!

So I put Bri back, and hung out with Myla. She's not been as quick to eat over the past day, so I was hoping I'd have kittens by now. Not yet. She is so uncomfortable that she has to squat when she sits, and she keeps rolling over. The kittens are the most active I have ever felt. Tonight I THINK she had a contraction, but after 15 more minutes or so there was nothing else.. so I put her back in her cage and now I really have to go to bed.


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