Wednesday, February 1, 2006

dinner update

I went to the pet food store and got LOTS of samples of food. Went to the grocery store, got her some clam chowder. Forgot the baby food. Did get deli turkey. Food was not of interest, neither was the chowder, but the turkey did get a chew or two. I could get her to eat more if I held it upwards so she had to look up to see it. This is how I usually feed her treats. Got her to eat about two and a half slices. Did a bg which was in the 300's.. although the reading I've been doing says that my glucometer might not be accurate. The fructosamine that was done which measures the average BG for the past week or two (although dr said 3 weeks) was in the 500's Hum. What to think. I know she was with out insulin for a while, and my glucometer said she was in the 300's. *shrug* from what I've read it is accurate when the blood sugars are in a more normal range. I'm considering getting a second glucometer. Which is sad cause I have a second one, I just listed it on ebay! although it needs new batteries and new strips. Might be cheaper to find a different one on ebay than it would be to get that one up and running... especially since I didn't like it much in the first place. Em is not a fan of bleeding, and this one required more blood than she was willing to give.

Sooooo she ate the turkey, she ate some treats.. but not much else, so I ended up force feeding her half a can of I/D. Something gentle for upset tummies. Hopefully she'll keep it down all night. I also started her on an appetite stimulant. I wasn't a big fan of that either.. but we'll see.

*crosses fingers that in the morning this will all be but a fleeting memory*

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