Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ok, Fleurp kills me. I was scooping the foster kitten box, and when I do that I go and scoop Fleurp's "Kitten Box" too. When I have kittens under 6 months of age, I usually keep a box upstairs *just in case*

Well this time around the kittne box is well used. Apparently I have very lazy cats, and they don't want to wander downstairs to use the two HUGE boxes they have, they want to use the one lonely overly used box upstairs. One time I cleaned it, I think I scooped out every spare piece of litter in the box..


When I scoop out the box, I can either sit on the floor or lean over at the waist and scoop. I prefer to stand. (if I squat too long my legs go all pins and needles)

today while I'm scooping, I've attracted the attention of Kit as well as Fleurp (who loves to be the first one to christen theh box when I'm done) and they were circling around waiting for me to be done, not really able to contain themselves, they both at one point got in while I was still scooping and started digging. I kicked them out and kept scooping. Well Kit (the shoulder riding cat) thought it would be fun to watch from the top of my back *rolls eyes* so she jumps up from the floor to my tushie, and climbs up.. yes, with claws.. Fortunately she doesn't weigh much, so it wasn't THAT painful.. I mean I kept scooping.

So I was finally done and they both jumped in and started digging around. Well one dig landed on another paw, and soon wrestling ensued in the box. THey are so friggen cute.

Kit finally gave up and jumped out and Fleurp had her way. SHe hates it when I scoop before she burries though. I got her BM, but when it came to her urination, she started covering before she was done.. *giggle*

So then Kit jumped in and urinated first and started to leave so I scooped and started closing up the bag. Well since I was closing up the bag, she thought she'd go back in and mark up the box again *rolls eyes* well I fooled her, I only half closed it up, so I was able to open it right back up again and take her stool with me.. ha ha ha :P

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