Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My handsome boy Jack

I brought him into the vet for a sterile urine draw and a culture and sensitivity, since he's still peeing in the tub randomly and being pissy.. He didn't want to go.. he complained the whole way down in the most pathetic voice he owns.. made his mom feel like a big fat meanie..

complained when he was outback being stuck..

complained when I didn't pack him up soon enough and get him home.

although he did like the praise and love I heaped on him before I zipped up the carrier to go home..

I reschedualed his appointment from the PM to the AM since it is snowing pretty badly and I figured they would have some cancelations.. which they did. I was glad to get it over with... but I will admit I hate being here at work and not being able to be at home and make sure he's ok.. I mean why wouldn't he be ok, he just had a huge needle shoved into his bladder..

I so need to buy him something yummy for dinner...

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