Monday, January 5, 2009

very confused

Well when I started thinking I wanted Fleurp, I introduced her to my crew. She was THRILLED to have kitties to play with, loved the whole thing, and didn't show a nanosecond of hesitation.. because that is just the kitten she is.

I was expecting my crew to growl at her, and show me their general displeasure.. which they never did. They all seem to love her.


Ollie has gotten excessively grumpy at EVERYONE, including myself and DH.. Jack has urinary issues again - I'm assuming brought on by stress.. and there seems to be general discord in my house.. last night I had to lock up Jack because he was attacking Kit. None of this seems directly related to Fleurp..

Even this morning when I gave out treats, some boiled chicken, no one cared that Fleurp came in and took their piece. She even took Muffin's piece right out from under her nose and Muffin did not react at all. Simply let her take it and then sniffed around for another piece. When I went to take it back from Fleurp, she was quite posessive, but I split it up and gave most of it back to Muff, who chewed it right up.

Now Muffin doesn't stand for ANYTHING, but she stood for this?!?!?

so is Fleurp a good addition to the house since she plays with Kit and Twee, or should I send her back to find a new home? I've always said my kitties would revolt if I tried to bring anyone else in.. and there does seem to be a revolt going on, but NOT in any way shape or form tied to Fleurp..

I'm just so confused..

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