Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Man I love my kitties

This morning I did NOT want to go to work. I wanted to stay in bed all snuggled down and watch movies surrounded by my cats..

but that is not an option, so I got up.. I was putting together my lunch and I needed a hug from a kitty. I went after Muffin because she is the one that usually puts up with my shenanigans. Well Muff wasn't that much into being hugged. As I was hugging her, Jack jumped up on the chair Muff had been sitting on and rubbed my thigh, so I put Muff down and picked Jack up. Well Jack really didn't want to be picked up and immediately started squirming to get down.. I saw Ollie, aka my grumpy ol man, sitting on the other side of the room, and I said to him "If you want a hug, you should come over here, cause I won't force it on you" well darn it if he didn't get up and walk over. I picked him up and gave him a quick hug, then put him up on top of the fridge for some treats.

Then as I was putting on my boots to leave my kitties started gathering around me. I'll admit, I got emotional. I didn't want to leave. So I sat there for a moment soaking up their presence. and darn it all if Ollie didn't show up again for some lovin.. I have such good kitties.

*ok, I think this is really cute, spell check knows how to spell shenanigans

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