Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Joy

You know, the problem with being vigilant and noticing issues when they first crop up, is you spend way too much time obscessing about them.

So Joy went to the vet last Friday, and was put on anti-biotics for this swollen lip. Well she is SICK AND TIRED of me looking at it now. So a squirmy kitten is not an easy thing to look at and examine, and try to go from memory if the lump is bigger or smaller or just changed from the previous exam.

She isn't holding her eye closed as much any more, so I'm thinking the medicine is working.. I think it looks slightly better from before.. but it is so hard to tell. Either way, she is absolutely holding her own, not getting worse, active, eating, playing, so I'm not going to worry about it just yet. If it is still a matter of degrees on thursday/friday I'll bring her back in.

After medicating her and poking her last night, I let them run around a bit. They still don't have free run of my office because they still cower when I go to pick them up. I do not want to re-inforce the "MUST RUN" instinct that happens when they are running loose. So what I do is let them run around before a meal, and when I want them to cage up I put food down. What one kitten does, the other kitten does, so one will go sample the food and the other goes in with her and poof, I have two caged kitties. Works out nicely.

But while running around, they decided to share the roll of paper towels with Fleurp. I was sitting at my computer wondering what the weird noise it was making was, and I all of a sudden realized I was also hearing the shuffling of paper towels. Now a roll of paper towels is an amazing cat toy (don't know why, it just is.. always has been, always will be) and I guess they decided to share it with Fleurp, who was helping them get it under the door. When I walked over they ran, and poor little Fleurp was left *holding the bag* if you will.. as I saw her little paws pulling the paper towels. I tried to pull them back, but she dug her claws in. So hard to unclaw a cat from a paper towel from the wrong side of the door, that is for certain! But fortunately I caught it early and only one sheet had made it out, so it didn't take me long to get it taken care of :)

Funny that they would share their bounty (oh the pun) with Fleurp, since they don't much like her when she makes it into the room with them.

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