Monday, January 12, 2009


Oh I'm so thrilled!!

Ok, lets see.. Saturday I took them to the shelter for a little outing. I'd bring them to work, but they are so scared, that I didn't think an extended stay anywhere yet was a good idea. So I took them to the shelter to be held by animal lovers.. I also got some new medication for Happiness, but once she got home she seemed to clear up, so I'm holding off on that.

The trip was good for them, they got some snuggles, and an outing, but it freaked Joy out, and when she got home she hid from me. So I left her alone. Wasn't sure that was the best move either, but I didn't want to re-inforce that *MUST RUN* feeling she was in.

This morning their box needed to be cleaned, so I did that. Joy watched me from the upper most level. I then took Happy out and snuggled with her. Joy really wanted to be a part of that, but my hand going toward her was still something she just can't handle. So I put my hand lower than the level she was standing on and scratched at the base - making her playful and interested. I was able to put my hand on her with out her flinching too much, and I pulled her out for a snuggle. I put Happy back and she started eating. I put Joy back and patted her while she had a bite to eat. I sat there for a few more minutes, patting Joy and playing the scratchy game, and Joy actually leaned out of the cage and asked to be picked up!!!! *happy dance*

She is going to need to go into a home that understands under socialized kitties.. but to me this is HUGE and shows such a huge leap forward in her progress. I need to get them out and play with them in the room, but I've been so tired lately that I just haven't been able to.

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